Quarantine Jam – Day 2 – Video overviews and the all-nighter

This is going to be the last post before release, as we are going to hunker down and get to drawing, coding, and probably drinking more soda than we should. Yesterday and this morning were great progress on the gameplay and foundation. This afternoon and the rest of the night we be quarantine jammin’, mon!


Day 2 – Virtual Resolution

A quick overview of how we chose to approach creating an 8-bit look in a world of 1080p and 4K screens.


Day 2 – Making A LOT OF mobs

A breakdown of the pieces being thrown in a blender to make literal Frankenstein monsters.


Day 2 – Attack and resistance types.

A bit more on the damage types – what they are and what determines the attack and resistances of each mob.



Aaaaaaand, we’re off!   We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with more vids and, if all goes well, a finished game!


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