ZooM – a 2-player snail race

ZooM​ is a simple, fun, local-multiplayer racing game. ​ How to play: Mash your key as fast as possible to race your snail to the finish line. Very basic, yes, but I’ve uploaded this game to itch.io because I felt two aspects of it were worthy of note.

1) It was made by my kids, Gio(13) and Niko(7) – from design document to art to code, they handled the project entirely themselves. After several earlier projects working together with them, they had decided to embark on one themselves, and they got it done:

  • On time – it was  a Mother’s Day gift, so they had a deadline
  • On budget – that budget being ZERO
  • To Spec – everything they needed to get into the game, got into the game

2) ZooM​ was made using AppGameKit(AGK), an easy-to-use and incredibly underrated development environment. A link to a trial version of AGK is on the game page, as well.


Design doc and code are both available for download on the page. Check it out!​



Link: https://lynxjsa.itch.io/zoom

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