For all those times you needed a handy soundbyte to break the tension, liven up the party, or just annoy the heck out of someone… SOUNDBOARD G3 is here!¬†

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More insanity, less profanity.

SOUNDBOARD G3 delivers the farts, funny sound, and entertaining memes you expect of a quality soundboard but without the profanity and questionable content of other boards. No, vomit sounds and farting aren’t questionable. They’re natural and hilarious… unless you’re the one vomiting.

Enough about vomit. Let’s talk features!

SOUNDBOARD G3 serves up seven tabs of 14 buttons with a range of delicious ear candy.

  • Music Notes!
  • Animal noises!
  • Gameshow sounds!
  • Old TV classics!
  • Popular internet memes!
  • and all the odd noises that you never knew you didn’t want but will be compelled to play… over and over and over again!

Yes, SOUNDBOARD G3 is the perfect soundboard for kids of all ages. Download SOUNDBOARD G3, and take your soundbyte game to the next level. You can even save your favorite sounds as Ringtones!

Enjoy!* ūüėÄ


(Yes, there was a sale on bulk exclamation points. I had to use them all up on this page, though, because I heard they spoil quickly if you leave them sitting around. )

Get it on Google Play

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