has endless reviews… and one of ours, too!

Daria over at shot me a heads up that they’ve added a review for SIMON 10,000 B.C.  Whether they have an army of bots or a staff of people that love curating apps, there are literally dozens and dozens of lists of apps to explore over there. The best part is that they are categorized so it’s sooo much easier to find a game or app you’re interested in.

My favorite part is the offline collections. It is way easier to search for what you want without having to wade through the countless typical clicker, idle, buybuybuy, timertimerpayall online stuff. Also, if you’re a movie buff, the lists help you get to the genre or style you want without having to sift through all the rest.

Classics? Oldies that you used to play but can’t find?  Google Play Store drops back the search ranking of older games, especially those not recently updates. That blocker isn’t at, and I came across some great nostalgia finds in these lists.

And FREE. My kids always want new games, and this site is a GOLD MINE of new games for them to install and play… for FREE. 🙂


Check out the next time you’re looking for cool new FREE apps!