Quarantine Game Jam – letting my kid take the reins

Coronavirus has many of us on lockdown, but the Internet is keeping us connected and having fun. A group of Italian devs have decided to spend their quarantine spearheading a Quarantine Jam to pass the time.  More than 800 people have joined to create and collaborate for this three-day event.

The theme: “A LOT OF

For this project, I let Gio – my 13-year old gamer and cohort in game development – take the wheel as game designer. He comes up with the game idea, the platform we develop for, the tools we’ll use, etc.

The game: Blendermob: Two buttons, A lot of baddies

We’ll blogging our daily progress here ( https://themess.com/category/journal/game-jam/ ) and then uploading the completed game to itch.io. To kick things off, here’s our first journal video. Enjoy!


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