Indie Casual Game Music

This collection contains 44 tracks of music that would be a great addition to your next game, presentation, or course video.

  • 7 short, loopable tracks great for menus/credits
  • 10 tracks with 70s disco and 80s rock stylings
  • 11 tracks with an action pulse, 3 of them with loopable variants
  • 12 tracks with an upbeat vibe, one of them with a loopable variant

Q: Looks like a cool list. Got a sample I can listen to?
A: Most definitely. Click here. (link also posted below)

Q: Who are Mukhogg and TheG3?
A: TheG3 is a really awesome kid that likes to create things. Mukhogg is his proud dad.
“I bought this, and want to use some tracks in something I’m releasing, so I have more questions.”
“Fire away!”
Q: Can I use this music in my video games?
A: Sure.

Q: How about my Twitch and YouTube videos?
A: Of course!

Q: I’m doing an online course on Evasive Ski Tactics. Can I use your music in it?
A: We’d love to have our music part of such an endeavor!

Q: And we don’t owe you anything?
A: Nope. but if you’ve got a spot in your game/video/production that you could drop “Music by Mukhogg and TheG3” we’d be thrilled to get the mention!

Music sample on YouTube:


  • Crisp, unique tracks with an old school MIDI/MOD nostalgic sound
  • Over an hour and a half of music across 40+ tracks.
  • Several styles to fit a range of genres, settings, and applications
  • Number of Audio Wavs: 44
  • Number of Audio Cues: 44
  • Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16-bit
  • Minutes of audio provided: 99 minutes

Does music loop: Some. Loopable track variants have “loop” in their names.

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: Yes
  • Mac: Not tested, but WAV files shouldn’t present any issues.

Get it at the Unreal Marketplace: Indie Casual Game Music Tracks