A Look at Vehicle/Bot Combat Arenas

Nestled somewhere between Minecraft-like games and the MOBAs is the Shooter’s distant cousin – the vehicle/bot combat arenas. If they have a set name, I haven’t found it yet. They’ve got more battle gameplay than the Minecrafts, but lack the minions and other hallmarks of traditional MOBAs. But all that is neither here nor there. What IS here is a look at four games from this niche, each still in-development to one degree or another.

The four we’ll be looking at are TerraTech, Robocraft, Gear Up, and Crossout. Let’s get started!


terratech combat arena
TerraTech combines fun gameplay with odd design decisions.

Title: TerraTech
Developer: Payload Studios
Website: http://terratechgame.com/
Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285920/

Build. Construct. Command

What makes TerraTech different from the rest is the building and crafting on the battlefield. Much like Minecraft and many MMOs, the player gathers supplies from kills and the environment. Materials are gathered from trees, rocks, and recycled blocks. Blocks/modules can be obtained from killing an enemy, although some may need to be repaired. Players can then use the blocks to build out their base and expand their tech fleet.

TerraTech’s game modes include:

Racing Challenge – Build a tech to reach the finish line in the fastest possible time.
Flying Challenge – Similar to Racing, but an aerial course.
Sumo Showdown – Create techs to battle each other. Players can also use community submissions for this mode.
Gauntlet – Obstacles, jumps, and hostile techs stand between you and the finish line.

Sumo Showdown can be played in PvE or PVP mode. PvP mode required connecting with a Twitter account, which we found both silly and unnecessary, so we skipped that feature.


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