About Us

TheMess.com is a collection of gaming news, trailers, videos and reviews. Our goal is to have a fun place for fans of MOBAs, shooters, and RPGs to find the latest info on the games they love to play. We’re here to entertain, spread the news, and have some fun. Post a comment, start a discussion, or just browse around. Above all… enjoy the site!


Why “The Mess”?

Honestly, we’ve simply had the domain for about 20 years now and never really did much with it. When we decided to make the site, we spent several hours bouncing around names and eventually just decided to host it here just to dig in and get started.


You said “we”. How big is the team?

Tiny. Exactly 2 people – my son and I. When we’re not working, eating, playing, or setting things on fire, we’re at our PCs checking out the latest game stuff we can find. Neat, eh?