Updates and Releases: May the 24th be with you…

Release Day Warhammer Overwatch TMNT EVE Online

…and also with you.

Now, with the bad puns out of the way, let’s get to the round up of gaming goodness that’s headed your way this coming Tuesday.

EVE Online

From their updates page:

With the discovery of new consciousness manipulation techniques by a group of New Eden’s most brilliant neuropsychologists, clone manufacturers across the cluster have devised a method to accelerate skill training in short bursts. This now enables the issue of a new kind of reward – recurring opportunities.

From the smallest Cartel patrol frigate to the most dangerous pirate battleship in the cluster, whether you’re a mission runner, explorer, bounty hunter or a miner acting in self-defense, you can gain a daily boost of 10,000 unallocated skillpoints for your first non-capsuleer kill of the day.

If you guess that was EVE-ese for  “EVE now has dailies” you were correct!



“An epic fantasy battle on a scale you’ve never experienced” is how they describe it, and from the looks of their official Conquer This World trailer, I’d say they’re right! Massive armies, crushing war machines, and all the wonderful conquest the IP is famous for, and it releases worldwide on Tuesday. 🙂



Blizzard’s upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter has teamed up with Coca-Cola for Sunday and Monday Launch Celebrations, but the actual release is the 24th. A full cast of characters and multiple game modes are headed to PC, PlayStation and XBox One.



The “Viking Invasion” arrives in Patch 3.9. A new questline, rewards, skins, some balancing, and a Ratatoskr rework are on the way! More details in our event news item.


TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

It looks like these guys have everyone covered, with releases on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Like the best of the TMNT games, it’s got fast-action gameplay and so much turtle-y awesomeness, you’d swear there was a huge rat and pizza beside you while you played.  Visit the official TMNT:MiM site for more info. And for a related WTF moment, here’s what Amazon is telling me today…

doom uncharted tmnt combo








Go figure. :/

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