Our top five shooters for 2016

Top 5 Shooter List 2016

Our shooter shopping list is set, and we’ve already been able to dive into one or two of the titles on our list. Here’s what we’re playing and what we’re dying to play in 2016.

1. DOOM top 5 shooter 2016 doom

OMG, so, like… YES.  When the multiplayer came out, I was pretty luke warm about the game. I mean, it was a good multiplayer game, but it wasn’t DOOM. Still bought it because… DOOM. The single-player campaign is pure DOOM in both graphics and gameplay. My son and I have i7 systems with GTX 760s and the game runs great on High graphics settings. Gloriously gib-filled deaths, demons from every direction, and music that gives a nod to the classic DOOM of yore. Yes, yore. While I still find $60 for a new game a bit obscene, DOOM is well worth the price.

Release date: Available now

Official site: http://bethsoft.com/en-us/games/doom


2. Overwatch top 5 shooter 2016 overwatch

More Team Fortress 2-like goodness, with the polish that Blizzard is famous for. I pre-ordered to get my Noire Widowmaker skin and because, well, I just haven’t learned my lesson with pre-orders yet. *looks at self with disdain* With a sizable line up of heroes ready for release, multiple maps, and team-based gameplay that really is about the teamwork, Overwatch seems to combine some of the best aspects of MOBA and FPS games.

Release date: May 24th, 2016

Official site: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/


3. Shadow Warrior 2 top 5 shooter 2016 shadow warrior

I can’t get enough Wang. Lo Wang, that is, and Devolver Digital is serving up a hot steamy platter of it. Enjoy your Wang alone or with three of your best friends in four-player co-op mode. If the gameplay is as good as the original, they’ve got a hit on their hands; however, I can’t help but wonder what will become of the humor. What was edgy for 1997, is pretty inappropriate by today’s standards. It’s a given that they’ll be dialing back, so it will be interesting to see if they can do so while retaining the wit and cheese the IP has been known for.

Release date: 2016

Official site: http://www.shadowwarrior.com/


4. Lawbreakers top 5 shooter 2016 lawbreakers

We’ve been enjoying Combat Arms for years now, but Nexon seems to have a title in the wings that may take away from our weekly Fireteam time. Lawbreakers is the real future mother f***er! Violent, vertical, and fast-paced combat means this could very possible be the Tribes-on-crack that we’re looking for. Anxiously awaiting alpha!

Release date: 2016

Official site: http://lawbreakers.nexon.net/en


5. Paladins: Champions of the Realm top 5 shooter 2016 paladins

Stylized graphics, game modes similar to Team Fortress 2, and lightning quick matches really have us anxious for this HiRez Studios release. Card-based skill systems seem to be all the rage right now, but it’s easy to build a decent deck quickly, so there’s no feeling of having to grind to be on an even playing field. Dev response to feedback has been awesome, and the community has been great so far. Paladins and Smite have already seen a bit of crossover content in both characters and skins, which is already starting to give this new game a familiar feel.

Release date: 2016

Official site: https://www.paladins.com/

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