Will A Monthly Sub Make It in the Age of Free to Play?

January 14, 2009 / John Albano 

It’s only been recently on this side of the globe that item malls have started to catch on. Several years ago Puzzle Pirates sailed out into those waters to return with untold riches, and since then several others have followed. Combine that with the Asian F2P games catching on over here, it looks like F2P games are the direction many MMOs will be heading now. Even the heavy hitters like NCSoft have taken notice, and games like Guild Wars and Dungeon Runners offer payment models other than the classic monthly fee. SOE has expanded its Station Exchange with new microtransaction models for EQ and EQ2.

Several highly-anticipated titles came out this year that may not have done much to help keep the monthly fee model alive. Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and Pirates of the Burning Sea are some of the titles that appeared in 2008 that, in many ways, didn’t help to ebb the tide of people that are becoming fed up with getting burnt by MMOs. $40 for the box plus a monthly fee is going to start to become a hard sell when people can download a F2P game that is usually of equal quality and better stability.

The F2P MMOs also seem to have another thing going for them that the subscription based games rarely offer – regular events and specials. Live events, double xp weekends, bonus items, and item mall sales are features that happen almost weekly in many of the F2P MMOs. Since F2P players are often driven to the game’s website (microtransactions and new info), they are also visiting a site that is regularly posting new cool things to do ingame. They are constantly reminded that the game is ‘alive’ and things are going on.

It’s almost as if the subscription games and the free to play games are living in different worlds – the old and the new. SOE seems to have gotten the hint and set sail for the new world. EVE’s PLEX system has CCP out there exploring the uncharted lands, as well. Looking forward to seeing who the next great explorers will be. True, just like in the 1400′s, we aren’t really exploring anything that Asia hadn’t long since discovered already, but it’s a fun new experience for the rest of us.


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A quick overview of how the F2P business model works

In a F2P MMO, the free players are often as important as the paying ones. The model is managed very differently from a subscription game. While there may very well be back of the queue prioritizing sometimes, the free player is understood to be a very valuable user of the service.

Look at the home page for any F2P game and you will see there are constant events, festivals and special weekends. When you hop in game, you will often see there are GMs and staffers that are hanging out in channel, chatting with the players. The towns or NPCs are usually redecorated for holidays and events. This content is just as much for the free player as the paying player. The reason being is that the free players are, to a certain degree, content for paying players.

Players being content for other players is absolutely true of subscription MMOs, as well. Veteran players will leave a server that feels ‘dead’. When new players log into a ‘dead’ server, they aren’t too likely to stick around. The vanity players need people to show their stuff off to, the entertainers need people to entertain, the raiders and grinders need people to group with, and the socialisers need people to chat with.

In the F2P model, you already know that you’re only getting cash from a small percentage, so it’s not like you are putting much effort into getting cash from the rest – they had no intention of spending anything to begin with, so you focus your energies primarily on those who will. You concentrate your efforts in two areas

  • providing engaging content to bring in as many free players as you can
  • providing desirable items in the mall for the players looking to invest extra in their hobby/entertainment

The vanity case isn’t going to buy new bling if there’s no one to show it off to.
The raider/grinder isn’t going to buy the xp boosts if he doesn’t have players to group with or compete against. The socialiser isn’t going to run his tavern or buy new toys if he’s logging in and just playing alone.

Without the free players, the paying ones quickly leave.