Treachery Timeline (recorded by Quoth the Raven)
Recording the history
of the Treachery server
in the MMOG Shadowbane

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9/22 TSL's bane on BOD is destroyed
"to War, and the rush it brings" -Hrathgar of BoD

9/22 Freedom's Stain sells mainland cities
Freedom Merchant City and Freedom Training city on the mainland for an undisclosed amount.

9/21 Traders of Treachery is destroyed....
and replanted hours later.

9/21 Freedom's Stain lays claim to Ice Island
FS also officially lays claim to the large ice island. Nations that are currently placed there, please contact me or FS IC to make arrangements for the full compensation of your cities. Full compensation includes complete costs of deeds and ranking costs of your entire city. -The Winter

9/20 V'hakh Jalla! Nation Subs to KGB
With a toasting of our pints Witchblade and JetStar slammed their steins together, thus joining the legions of The Knigts of Glory and Beer. -Witchblade of VJ

9/20 Yggdrasil destroyed

9/19 TSL banes BoD's capital city

9/19 PoR banes Traders of Treachery

9/19 KoT/SG/CBH and others destroy TSB's bane on Tyrranus Eversor

9/18 KoT banes TSB's city, Yggdrasil

9/17 TSB banes KoT's capital city, Tyrranus Eversor

9/17 Momentus Legion declares ML's 'Sphere of Influence'
Momentist Legion declares a sphere of influence north from the 530 Latitude on the mainland between river to the coast, to the 670 Latitude line and all areas in between. Roughly, via player towns, this is from (and not including) White Horse to Jin Dynasty on the North; and New Tear to the coast on the south.
This area is centered upon the Barrowlands.
It includes the spawn areas of the Barrowlands, the Bog of the Black Drake, Rennon Fields, Velskae Forest, Donnaugh Highlands.
It includes the southern world gate.

9/15 Bane of BOD by errant guild is destroyed

9/12 KGB and allies take over Forbidden Isle
. KGB, TSL, Tempest, Shadow Guard, and others aid KGB in the destruction of the ring of ToLs owned by Head Hunters on Forbidden Isle.

9/12 The Lost Civilization of Knights, a sub of Peacekeepers, banes Mortum
I speak for the Peackeepers when I say that we do not have any intention of acting upon this bane or destroying TSL assets. The bane was placed by a traitor in our midst and an investigation is being conducted as to who this foul miscreant is. -Thanas, IC of Peacekeepers

9/11 BoD leads Jackals on killing spree in Khar

9/9 Bane on Glastonbury destroyed
JDD makes guest appearance.

9/9 Bane on Rook's destroyed
JDD and TSB stop by after bane and commence battle. JDD ends the night seizing the sage shop and holding the vendors hostage.

9/7 errant guild banes Glastonbury
Tantelus Silentblade V of the Renegades and Zypher of HH seen murdering in town at the same time the bane is placed. Initial suspicion but no conclusive tied had been made.

9/7 Tick of 'pwned' banes PoR's city, Rook's Bazaar

9/6 Bane on Rook's destroyed

9/4 Servants of Colath banes PoR's city, Rook's Bazaar

8/26 Shadow Guard and Shadow Legion claim region south of Khar
SG and TSL claimed lands

8/3 KGB takes over Black Isle with Momentist Legion
Through war and eventual negotiation, KGB removes Nothing and CFH, securing the island for themselves.

7/19 Third bane on Moeror destroyed
I must give credit to the Covenant for persevering in this conflict despite the fact that all of their efforts are clearly doomed to failure. -Mocker, DTM

7/18 Rook's Bazaar founded... again
The Parliament of Rooks relocates their city to west of King's Cross. "From destruction comes creation, it is the way of life." -Extreme Aeolius, Minotaur Warrior

7/17 Turma Valaina and The Valar claim forbidden isle
Turma Valaina and The Valar claim forbidden isle in that any trees planted there will be immediatly baned and buildings erected will be destroyed. Other then that visitors will not be killed unless repeated requests to unstealth are ignored. -Transgressive, Turma Valaina

7/16 Second bane on Moeror destroyed
The Momentist Legion was impressed with the numbers that the Covenant was able to rally to its cause earlier this morning. Naturally, it all amounted to naught, but it was an impressive display nonetheless.
Once again, the Covenant has failed. Moeror stands defiant. The elves tremble in our wake.
-Mocker, DTM

7/13 Merchant City's Grand Reopening
CEO of Merchant City, Crosby, reopens the town after the CoS bane is destroyed. CoS further investigated the information they had of Merchant City being a front for KGB and decided not to act on the bane.

7/13 Song of Phaedra is dissolved

7/11 Refuge baned by J-D
Claiming that area as their own, J-D places a bane within 15 hours of the founding of Parliament of Rook's city.

7/11 Refuge founded

6/20 KGB and defenders hold Sanctuary
CoS forces suffer their first defeat at a bane.

6/19 Swords and Magic subs to the growing empire of Tempered Resolve

6/19 Emerald Shores falls

6/17 KGB and TSL organize strike on Val'Haven
After an attack on KGB in force by CoS, representatives from over 18 different guilds rallied together to attack Val'Haven. COS forces eventually surrounded the attackers and defeated them.

6/17 COS banes NL

6/17 Dogs of War(COS) banes KGB

6/16 COS attacks TSL
20+ COS camp TSL tree. KGB and SC help clear the area.

6/16 Multiple attacks in Eglan Berriador
Attacking forces of NL, Chaotica, and J-D hit COS groups in Eglan Berriador

6/9 CoS lifts bane from Arcania
Arg of ToW and Swiftkill Valthanor of CoS meet to negotiate. End result is ceased destruction of the city and the arranged removal of the bane circle.

6/9 Wealth and Retribution disbands

6/8 Bane goes live on Nkuru
Shadowclan destroys tree to prevent it from being taken. CoS forces destroy all remaining buildings.

6/7 CoS declares war on ToW
PRX lays siege to Arcania

6/7 WaR declares war on the Suzerain of the Sloth
War Lays siege to Arbella. SoS pushes back WaR/ToW forces.

6/2 ShadowGuard assassinates Candy of J-D
Revenge is gained by the people of the Glastonbury County area, with the assasination of Candy.

6/2 J-D attacks Glastonbury
J-D troops invade the Glastonbury area, but are eventually slain and run off by the combined forces of the area. Tyrants of War, Pack of Wandering Wolves, ShadowGuard, and Sentinel of the Blessed Flame are some of the guilds represented among the defending forces.

6/1 Juevos Del Diablos (J-D) attacks Glastonbury citizens
J-D holds Glastonbury for a brief period of time.

5/31 Tournament of Champions
To be held at the ruins of Aklabethia.
First prize: 3 Commander Runes
Second Prize: 1 Million gold

5/30 ShadowClan attacks CoS buildings in Eglan Berriador
Approx. a dozen ShadowClan raze a church and swordsmith placed in the Elven zone. Payden of the CoS nation rallies a force to drive off the ShadowClan and salvage the remaining structures.

5/30 Disciples of The Moment and Society of the Dark sever their alliance
Disciples of The Moment becomes an independent guild.
Note: This was done to "break away from Zerg vs Zerg combat in favor of more balanced conflict between independent factions" -Mocker

5/29 Northern Legacy counterattacks the city of Heaven

5/28 Tempest banes Legion of Order

5/28 Tempus founded.
Disciples of The Moment build the city of Tempus in the desert.

5/28 Heaven attacks Emerald Shores
Initially a basic attack, but ending with a bulwark being set to facilitate damaging the city walls.

5/25 CoS starts wave of attacks on SC
In retaliation, CoS groups begin small attacks and skirmishes in the desert.

5/24 Siege of Luo Yang, city of the Yellow Turban Rebels.
PRX bane goes live. YTR destroys ToL.

5/24 Attack at Val'Haven
A litle over a score of Redemption and errant troops organize attacks on Val'Haven and the CoS hunting grounds.

5/23 Siege of Wind. City destroyed.

5/22 Combine departs

5/21 CoS places new bane circle on Valkyr
All buildings not protected by the ToL were destroyed. New bane circle placed back on the city shortly after the first was destroyed.

5/20 Bane on Valkyr is destroyed

5/19 Combine places bane circle on the Nest (Phoenix Legion)

5/19 Glastonbury and Neutrality: an offer of a Summit
" wish t' offer this: Let Glastonbury be yer place ter talk. Let three from all guilds come unarmed to parlay here, to use diplomacy in this anarchy riven time o' war. LEt us settle these easures with dignity an' words instead o' swords. " -Earthwulf

5/19 Battle at Valkyr continues
CoS troops hold the city. Siege engines are up and the city is "getting torn apart"

5/18 CoS attacks Wind in retaliation

5/18 CoS places bane circle on Valkyr, the Combine Capital

5/18 Combine places bane circle on Double Edge Seat

5/18 2-3 groups armed with siege weapons attack VH and get repulsed

5/18 Combine places bane circle on Heaven

5/17 CoS sieges Sanctuary
"Due to the baning of VP and Arbella, the slandering of myself by their guild leaders (ambassador) and the continual raids on our hunting grounds by KGB Zorak Valthanor has decided to withdraw his offer of non siege aggression on KGB. The agreement was not designed to allow you to make war on us and other but to allow you time to rebuild. Clearly it has been taken advantage of. Your raids and the ability to seige the sloths you are quickly proving yourself much stronger and I look forward the battle." -HeRog Valthanor

5/17 King JetStar makes statement regarding attack
Jetstar announces that the Nation of COS violated the agreement in a surprise attack.
"The leadership of CoS cannot be trusted." - King Jetstar of KGB

5/17 PRX states stance with CoS and Combine
KVent announces PRX will be honoring their commitment to COS, and will fight on the side of COS in the event of war with Combine.

5/17 CoS City of Val'Haven attacked
Combine, KGB, and the Shadowclan siege Val'Haven.

5/15 JetStar lifts bane from VP

5/15 Public statement regarding two ToLs placed in the realm of the Suzerain
One tree removed after the SotS baned it. The other removed by force.
"The Father of All continues to smile upon the Prophet of the Suzerain and his loyal followers. Many have come to test the mettle of the Suzerain. They have been expelled from the burning lands in each instance." -Mali Jonec (SotS)

5/14 Vodiranon's Pact baned by KGB

5/14 General Fate is placed temporarily in charge of Skye.

5/14 Wearyall Glades founded
Formed and planted as part of Glastonbury County

5/13 Shadowclan declares Kharduun and Nkoth Wastes off-limits
Attention lowly fir'khanim:
"Shadowclan declares the N'koth Wastes and Kharduun off-limits. They are sacred grounds and not to be fouled by your presence. You are not allowed to hunt there, no matter your guild affiliation. Any caught will be expected to pay large amounts of tribute to the Great Terror and will be escorted off our lands immediately. Any who attempt to run or hide when confronted will be killed. Stealthed thieves, anyone shadowing SC hunting parties and guilds on our KOS list will have tribute taken from their dead bodies. Repeat offenders will suffer the same fate.
Fir'khanim not on the KOS list are allowed to hunt in the E'kreth Wastes south of Khar, but tribute may still be demanded and the Bhalalar are still off-limits."

5/12 Suzerain of the Sloth declares war on KGB. Places bane on Khan'Habat.

5/12 The Dunes falls.
"The city is destroyed." - Azh of SC

5/12 Owain of KGB publicly outlines plans for University of Treachery

5/12 CoS will attack trespassers on CoS claimed territory
"CoS has changed it's stance so that anyone found tresspassing within our claimed area will be killed without a warning. We feel we have given the world enough time to know where our claimed lands are at this point.
Hope not to see you there..."
-HeRog Valthanor

5/11 SC places Bane Circle on The Dunes
Bane is placed to enforce territorial claim. (The Dunes are in the desert). SC offers The Dunes a way to build eslewhere, but offer not accepted to date.

5/11 CoS offers 2-week halt in sieges
CoS's offer of a two week cessation of sieging against Skye, KGB, and Shadowclan. to begin 5/14

5/11 Sanctuary begins anew
By High King JetStar's command, Minister of Engineers Fora begins work on rebuilding Sanctuary

5/10 CoS sieges Skye.

5/10 Skye destroys tree and abandons city

5/9 Glastonbury expands
Glastonbury has two towns (one by Glastonbury, the other by Tlanarion Order). The Nation now includes several sworn and sub-guilds, one of them being HOG.

5/8 The Arena of Akalabethia: Challenge of Champions I

5/8 KGB nation and allies boycotted the event.
teams were from CoS core, CQ, PRX, Nothing, and a few others(put together teams).
finals was CoS vs PRX.
PRX won the 1st fight night.

5/8 Thursday 8pm est SC's bane circle on Nox goes live.

5/8 COS banes Skye
hours later Skye accepts challenge and STANDOFF begins

5/8 SC raid/seiges Arbella

5/8 VP allies with CoS
Alliance and mutual defense agreement is made with CoS

5/6 Glastonbury County claimed!
"Glastonbury has grown large enough tha' we'd like to stake our claim in th' worl', at section 23, wit' th' pennsula below it bein' Glastonbury County.... "

5/5 City of Coventry founded by Coventry Guards

5/3 Grand Opening of Glastonbury Antiques

5/2 Sanctuary in ruins
CoS attacks the city of Sanctuary.
A CoS spy unlocked the gates to the city, contributing to success of the attack.
Shadow(Skye) and Krahg(SC) led troops into battle in an attempt to retake the city. Lord Ambassador Milloy gives military control to Krahg in order to focus on heading KGB Nation in this crisis.

4/25 The Fall of New Cambruin (Redemption)

4/25 Volmiriel's Hand joins Glastonbury

4/23 Nothing pledges to COS

4/23 Soviet of KGB creates the timeline

4/22 Bane circle placed on New Cambriun
Redemption's city is being pounded by CoS and Combine. CoS has 15 bulwarks.

4/22 VP decides not to resub to the KGB nationbr> Decision is due to tensions from the announcement, VP is declared non-allies by the KGB nation.

4/21 New Vodiranon founded

4/21 Heaven's Retribution becomes closed city to protect itself from "hostility from Redemption"

4/17 Merchant City now open!

4/17 Suzerain of the Sloth claims territory
Be it known to all, the Suzerain of Sloth lay claim to the eastern desert and the neighboring islands -Mali Jonec

4/15 Swords and Magic forms
The guild subs to Skye

4/12 Glastonbury forge and inn razed

4/11 Glastonbury founded

4/10 SC attacks CoS/PRX at Val Haven

4/9 Glastonbury Ale House open for business

4/8 C.H.U.D. surfaces
"The day was dirty and foul like my attitude. The sun was shining and everyone was frolicking at the gates of Kings Cross, singing and dancing, it was enough to make me vomit. I had still not gotten used to the ways of people who lived above ground..." (from the tale of the events of 3/8/03)

4/6 Alliance concept brought forth
Shador of FSS and Earthwulf of Glastonbury make efforts to create an Alliance of small Good/Neutral guilds

4/1 Glastonbury Irregulars form
Stragglers, vagabonds, and friends of all sorts: this may be the guild for you! -Earthwulf

3/31 Sanctuary founded
High King JetStar and High Chancellor Vuldan Ironhand found the city of Sanctuary for the Knights of Glory and Beer. Minister of Engineers Klamath is the original architect and designer of Sanctuary.

3/29 Nkuru founded

3/29 New Cambruin founded

3/29 Double Edge Seat founded

3/29 Wainwright founded

3/27 Family of Silver Serpents arrives
"Long standing guild dating back to the UO Catskills, Siege Perilious, AC Darktide, DAOC Merlin and Andred servers, has finally found a permanent home. We are here on Treachery. Prepare to bow before the Queen or feel the fury of our Serpent Goddess."
-Your Lord Druez the Legend (FSS)

3/27 First ToL planted on Treachery
CoS plant Tree of Life. Val'Haven is reborn.

3/26 Shadowclan arrives

3/25 CoS arrives
Treachery will be the home server of the Covenant of Swords
---Cadre Quietus
---Endless Stand
---House Perilous
---Iron Circle
---The Professionals
---The Shadow Legion


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