Revisit and Revise – the 2020 Road Map

Back in July 2019, I created a set of criteria that had to be met by March 20th, 2020. Let’s revisit those:

  • Publish two apps – Make it three.
  • Roadmap 2020 – In the air but there has been work on this front.
  • Revenue – money from ads and apps is there but barely. Like, $10/week barely.


On the publishing front, we’ve kept busy. SIMON 10,000 B.C., Soundboard G3, and SC Scramble have all been released. The biggest problem right now is getting eyes on them. So, where’s the hold up on the rest? Entirely personal. Unemployment, diabetes, arthritis, and a divorce that has forced me from my home have made the past four months beyond taxing. Time, health, and resources have been strained to the limit, so focus on marketing and the road ahead has been difficult at best. However…

I have still be programming. Projects in development right now are:

  • a breakout game with 150+ levels
  • a dinosaur education game for kids 5-10
  • an RPG that takes place in the tunnels beneath NYC

As health, time, and a table to set up my computer allow, I am hammering away at each, with the dinosaur game intended as my 2020 “flagship game.  More to come!

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