Soundboard – first pass

With a decent understanding of what’s needed to get an app published, my attention this time isn’t just to get it out there in a stable fashion, but to get it out there and have people find it.

So we’ll start the first pass at the basics of the design doc here. After that, we’ll move it to a .doc file and expand it from there.

Design Goals

  • Create an app that is entertaining to middle school aged kids
  • Explore and understand age gating and rating systems
  • Start gaining some basic revenue from the ads served in the app.

Common Questions

What is the app?

The app is a collection of sound effects and sound bytes. They are separated into categories and playable with the click of a button.

Why create this app?

I am creating this app to gauge how well I can

  • identify the needs/culture of an audience, then
  • create an app that both fills that need and appeals to that audience

What do I control?

The player will control multiple panels of buttons that trigger sounds.

  • Press a button, sound plays
  • Sounds can be overlapped
  • Changing tab stops all sounds

What is the main focus?

Entertainment and social engagement. Ideally, the app will be used by the user to entertain or interact with others.

General Features

  • 7 categories of sound effects
  • 14 effects in each category
  • Intuitive user interface

What’s different?

Some soundboards focus on memes, others on other special interests (ex: thug life, tv shows), often containing expletives. [Soundboard] will be a family-friendly app with multiple categories of sound bytes and sound effects.

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