Soundboard Comparison Research

It was interesting to see what made for a good soundboard and what didn’t among the tiny sample group of my target audience. I ran a few soundboard by my sons and their cousins, all ranging in age from 6 to 17 to find out what they liked and what they didn’t like.


EPIC FAIL Soundboard Can save as ringtones, alarms, and notifications. Kids seemed to like the colors. No one had complaints or negative feedback about this one.
100 Sound Buttons Endless sounds to choose from. Has Search but no organization. Most complained that it was too many sounds. All had complaints of sounds being too loud, low quality, or poorly recorded.
Thug Life Meme Soundboard Popular stuff from memes.
Lots of profanity.
Not many buttons.
Lots of profanity.
Donald Trump Soundboard “YUUUGE” “Wrong.” and “I’m going to build a huge wall!” seem to be the universal favorite. Most did not like the political stuff.

So it looks like my goal is:

  • between 30 and 100 sounds
  • memes are redundant, but popular. include recent ones
  • add ability to convert to ringtone, alarm, or notifcation
  • low quality sound will be noticed and is a big concern

The feedback I got from the kids seemed to mirror a lot of the comments in the reviews for each of the soundboards. Armed with this, let’s get started.



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