Moving forward by dialing back

The more I work on this, the clearer it becomes that I’ve got a lot more features than I need for a rogue-like. Here are some of the things I’ve cut and why:

  • Pet/Companion – it starts to get more to manage than I want to juggle at this point
  • Stats system – I started with just hp/atk/def and then started adding character stats, but have dialed back to hp/atk/def. K.I.S.S.
  • The Story – I’ve shifted from trying to tell a story to making it basically a 10-level gauntlet to run with victory being completing it at all.

I’ve got my 30 mob types and their images. 3 mob types per level, 1-3 of each of the 3 mobs on the level.

Picked up an RPG art pack on Humble Bundle with a free license to use in commercial apps. This will help a ton toward uniform graphics and also cut down a lot of the time (dont have the money) making the art happen.

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