Headway on the RPG

So far, so good. I ported over dungeon rendering code from a 3D FPS I created in 2010. DarkBasic is a very early predecessor to AppGameKit which I am currently using, so it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.


3d dungeon rogue-likeChanged from reading a data file for the map to randomly generating maps. Ensuring path from start to exit was challenging. Coming up with code to fix dungeons where that didn’t happen was the hard part, though.

Map generator now handles

  • rooms and corridors
  • start and exit locations
  • corridors
  • door placement


Currently ceiling floor and wall textures are all placeholders ripped from previous projects I did. Same with the UI.

  • added collision detection
  • created arrays and ui elements for character and companion
  • code and ui elements for health and mana
  • code and ui elements for atk and def numbers
  • created doors and door animations

It’s been a productive week. Excited to build out more on this.

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