ROBOCRAFT | 4th Birthday Update – 1-Day Premium Code

Last week was a very important milestone in Robocraft’s development – we hit BETA. With this massive achievement came a complete re-work of Normal Mode along with new maps, balance changes and bug fixes. During the past week we’ve been collating your feedback; believe me, there was a lot of it so thank you for taking the time to tell us your thoughts. We’ll be digesting this over the next few days and will make any changes we feel are necessary to improve the overall gaming experience for you guys. If you’ve been paying attention to the image above, you’ll have spotted that not only does it contain some top community-inspired artbots*, it also features a new Holoflag; but why the number 4? Well, those of you that have been with us for sometime will know that this week Robocraft turned 4 – On March 7th 2013 Robocraft was born. Today we’re celebrating our fourth birthday with a gift for you all; an exclusive and strictly time-limited 4th Birthday Holoflag. Yes, we know our official birthday is March 7th, but what’s two days between friends? The Holoflag is only available via the code below and cannot be forged or uploaded to the CRF. You can if you wish, recycle it, but once it has left your account, that’s it; there’s no getting it back. In addition to gifting 2 of the lovely Holoflags above, the code will give players one day of free Premium time. Click here to find out how to redeem codes in Robocraft The code can only be used once per player account and is valid until 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, March 15th. If you’re into building artbots, then the main image will give you a hint as to next week’s competition. In addition to the birthday Holoflag and premium time, we’re making some gameplay changes and going all T-rex on some bugs – the ones we’re taking out of action are listed below. *Thanks to REDGO123 (T-rex) and Medus (JEEP) for the Robot designs that were used as inspiration for the Robots in the main image at the top. BUG FIXES: Fixed a bug that prevented players from acknowledging warnings and suspensions if they were transitioning between game modes Increased the size of the ‘Contesting’ text in-game Fixed a bug which caused the clan sizes numbers to be displayed incorrectly in some instances Game hints in AI Mode are now displayed Fixed a bug which caused the Protonite Core explosion animation to end before the ‘beam’ disappeared Fixed a bug which prevented parties of two from being matched against single players OTHER CHANGES: Remove level-lock on game modes – all players, regardless of level can now play all game modes Minimum MMR gained for a battle victory is now 1 Reduced all Rail scope zoom by 25% The average MMR loss in Bronze and Silver Leagues will be 50 taking it inline with Gold League. While MMR gains in Bronze and Silver Leagues will still be higher than in Gold League The character limit for usernames on the login screen has been increased to 32 Additional voiceovers added KNOWN ISSUES: 4th Birthday Holoflag description has not currently been translated into non-English languages

Source: ROBOCRAFT | Robocraft 4th Birthday Update

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