Paladins – Weston Reid shares some Torvald art

Lead Character Artist Weston Reid has been one of the creative minds behind many of of favorite SMITE skins, and it seems they’ve taken his talents Paladin-side as well!

I had the pleasure to work on the character Torvald for our game Paladins. I was responsible for the character modeling and texturing. The gauntlet weapon was modeled and textured by Paul Poffenbarger. Concept was created by Brian Wells. He sits around 25k tris and is using a 2k texture set for the body and a 512 texture set for the head accessories ( including hair ) Overall, he was really fun to work and collaborate on. I included some early 3d concept exploration I did on the face and body.Hope you guys enjoy! – Weston Reid, Lead Character Artist, HiRez Studios

Source: ArtStation – Paladins Torvald, weston reid

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