CONAN EXILES – Private Servers and Player Mods 

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Normally we don’t go the MMO route here, but Conan Exiles is set to deliver a lot of PVP and small scale warfare that we enjoy in our FPS and MOBA games.

Combine that with player admin and mod support, and we could be looking at some fantastic skirmish and team-based battles, custom-tailored to how YOU want to have them.

One of the many questions our community returns to is on the subject of servers. Today we are very happy to announce that Funcom has partnered with Pingperfect on Conan Exiles. In addition to providing the servers hosted by Funcom they will also have private servers available for players to rent. You can reserve yours […]

Source: CONAN EXILES DEVELOPMENT – Dev blog #8 – Servers and mods

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