GOG.com – Monstrous Winter Sale going on now

Not letting up after Black Friday, and not waiting til the Christmas rush, GOG.com has fired up their Monstrous Winter Sale with some major price slashes on some great titles. They also seem REALLY EXCITED about their Neverwinter special!

From the site:

The city where adventuring never stops.

Did you hear? Neverwinter Nights Diamond is FREE for the next 48 hours! It’s the game that first introduced Bioware’s powerful Aurora Engine and is still considered one of the most rich and well-realized RPGs set in the Forgotten Realms. The Diamond edition already includes the original campaign plus three official expansions released by Bioware, offering hours upon hours of old-school gameplay for D&D fans.

What you may not have heard, is that thanks to the versatility of the Aurora Engine and the game’s devoted community, there are tons of cool fan-made mods out there that you can download and enjoy for free. Some take you to entirely different areas, some offer thrilling new adventures, some tweak the game’s feel or gameplay, but they all serve to add incredible value to the game and help you customize or prolong your stay in Neverwinter Nights.

I think it’s going ot be a Neverwinter marathon for me this weekend.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition is free right now! Check out deals up to 90% off and unlock more free games in the GOG.com Winter Sale.

Source: GOG.com

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