Crossout: Clan vs Clan Update 0.3.10

crossout clan tournaments update

Always steamrolling ahead, Crossout keeps the updates coming. The two biggies in this patch are the massive honkin’ flamethrower and clan vs clan tournaments. Get your buddies together, armor up, hop in comms and bring the pain!

The weekly tournaments begin!

To take part in the tournament, you need to create your own clan and lead it to victory!

  • Any players from the clan can participate.
  • Teams of 4 clan members face off in battle.
  • You can only fight against players from other clans.
  • A player gets 1 uranium ore for clan victory (not more than 25 ore a week).
  • Clans get points for participation in battle.
  • Points form the clan’s ranking, which defines its place among the other clans.
  • A clan’s mission is to rank  as high as possible in the tournament.
  • Tournaments last one week.

At the end of the tournament players are rewarded, depending on the clan’s place in the tournament (1 place – 50 ore, 2-10 places – 30 ore, 11-20 places – 20 ore, 21-30 places – 10 ore). All players in the clan by the tournament’s end get the prize at the end of the tournament. Rating is reset for the next tournament. Winning a battle increases clan rating, losing reduces it.

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