Blood by Monolith – possible revival?

Jace Hall has an interesting question for Blood fans – Is there a large enough pool of fans to revive the franchise?

16069 Behold – You are looking at the mock up prototype WHITE box for the shareware version of the 1997 PC Game called “BLOOD.” (It was eventually decided that the box should be black.) I found it in some of my old Monolith stuff. I believe it is the only one of its kind. Finding this box, got me pondering again – Should effort be put into trying to revive the franchise? For those that don’t know, Blood is a first-person shooter ( video game ( developed by a company I founded called Monolith Productions ( and published by GT Interactive Software ( The shareware ( version was released for the PC ( on March 5, 1997, while the full version was released on May 31, 1997 in North America, and June 20, 1997 in Europe. Many feel that Blood was easily the best of the three major Build engine games, voicing the opinion that

Source: Twin Galaxies Forum

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