Super Treasure Arena is like playing Gauntlet and Quake at the same time.

super treasure arena

Fun for friends, family, and LAN parties! The grab-a-gun and run gameplay of Quake blends well with the old school look and feel of this Gauntlet-like hack-n-slash where every hero is out for themselves. In Super Treasure Arena, you choose from one of four unique characters to stave off dungeon minions, battle your fellow players, and loot every last coin you can. Spawning periodically around the map are weapons to help you further your ends. Get to them before your opponents do!

Super Treasure Arena will be  Available on Steam, Thursday September 15th, 2016, for PC gamers. XBox One and PlayStation4 fans will have to wait until 2017, with Wii U plans supposedly also in the works.

Super treasure Arena HeadupMULTIPLAYER MADNESS

  • Locally against friends via split-screen
  • Online against other players
  • Against AI bots
  • …or a mix of anything above!


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