SMITE Patch 3.17 – Introducing Xing Tian’s Mountain – Co-op Mode

Smite Patch 3.17 co-op mode and new skins

SMITE 3.17 Patch notes have been posted and some great stuff is on the way, specifically a new co-op mode called Xing Tian’s Mountain. I’m liking the new skins, but that co-op mode and the change to Ninja Boots have me really psyched for this update. Here’s a quick run down of what’s coming…

  • New skins: Foxy Ameterasu, Steel Samurai Susano, Old Wa Nu Wa, Terra Masteries
  • New Achievements for Geb, He Bo, and Izanami
  • Odyssey 2017 – the odyssey returns with 7 new quests amd new rewards.
  • Xing Tian’s Mountain is a new PvE co-op mode combining boss encounters and wave-survival gameplay


In items…

  • Ancile and Runeforged Hammer get radius boosts
  • Celestial Legion Helm gets more Physical Protection
  • Reinforced Shoes/Greaves gets a protection Passive
  • Shoes of Focus gets a Magical Power boost
  • Talaria Boots get increased Phsy and a drop in price
  • Ninja Tabi sees an increase to Attack Speed bonus and +100 mana

izanami-300x300In god changes…

  • Bastet becomes a better early/mid game God
  • Izanami gets longer stealth duration and a deadlier Dark Portal
  • Nemesis ult gets a cooldown  adjustment
  • Nu Wa’s minions are now a bit less stupid
  • Poseidon gets a bit more Tide speed and a Trident pre-fire reduction
  • Ravana gets his sustain dialed back a tiny bit to better balance boxing


Read the 3.17 patch notes for more information.


smite odyssey 2017
The Odyssey returns with seven new quests and new rewards.

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