Battlerite – Free Gold Chest, Launch Celebration, and Tournament

Battlerite MOBA launch tournaments

A big week for tournaments and celebration starts today. Here’s the details straight from the Battlerite Announcements on Steam:

In celebration of your support during this successful launch, everyone who logs on to Battlerite before Tuesday September 27th will receive a Gold Chest. (The chest will be delivered on the 27th)

As an additional thanks to all of our fans out there, we’re also boosting the Ultimate Fan Pack to include 5 Gold Chests! These Gold Chests have been sent out to everyone who already owns the Fan Pack and will be granted to all new Ultimate Fans.

Thank you for all of your support!

Weekend Tournaments

battlerite tasty fish cup tournamentFirst up on Saturday September 24th, Tasty Fish TV ( ) will be hosting a special invitational 2v2 tournament featuring several gaming-personalities whom will duke it out for a chance to win both glory and $1500. The stream will be live from 5 PM CEST to 11 PM CEST. The contestants:

  1. [A]lliance | Akke & Admiral Bulldog, DOTA 2 personalities
  2. Tosan, WoW Arena Streamer
  3. C9 | Kyky & Debett, professional Overwatch players
  4. Mes, WoW Arena Streamer
  5. Lassiz, Team Dignitas Streamer
  6. ChainerFails, Diablo 3 Streamer
  7. Incon, Smite streamer
  8. ODPixel & Sheever, professional DOTA 2 casters and hosts

On Sunday September 25th, Masters of Bacon ( ) will host their first community run 3v3 qualifier tournament, with a 32 team bracket. The top 2 teams will qualify for the final tournament held between November 4th and 6th. You can check out the bracket here:
(Stunlock Studios will participate with a team!)

For more information about Masters of Bacon, check out their homepage:

Today we’ve updated the game with a small improvement to the current ranking and matchmaking system. Players during placement games are now less likely to be matched with high-graded players.

In late October we’re planning a content update that will include:

  • 2 New Champions
  • Night variation of Blackstone Arena
  • Balance updates & improvements to existing Champions
  • Additional Legendary Weapons & new cosmetics
  • Various improvements to other parts of the game
On the Horizon

Revamped Ranking System
A solid Ranking System is a top-priority for us due to the competitive nature of Battlerite. We are working on a new system that will include improvements and additional options!

Extended Champion Progression
More levels, more rewards and more options for you to stand out from the crowd with your favorite Champion!

Champion Updates
We will put a ton of work into creating new Champions and also into balancing and tuning the existing ones. Expect abilities to change and battlerites to be updated in our quest to perfect every single Champion!

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