How to play Battlefield Open Beta (PC, XBox, PlayStation)

battlefield 1 open beta pc ps4 xbox

Open Beta for this beast of epic battle is live! Check out below for instruction on how you can get in and get to shooting, riding, and wreaking havoc on the platform of your choice. If you’re at school or work right now – don’t pretend you don’t browse the web there 🙂  – you can get your download started remotely so that you can be guns ablaze as soon as you get home.



electronic arts origin storeBattlefield 1 Open Beta will be listed as a new game in your Origin game list. The game is 7-8 Gigs, which isn’t bad considering the size of games these days. If you don’t have Origin installed, or do have it but forgot where you installed it back when you bought Mass Effect 3, visit the Origin Beta and Demos page to install Origin and Battlefield 1 OB with one click.



Purcxhase it directly from your PS4, or… the Microsoft store has you covered. Click the “Get it Now” button and order it straight from your PC or phone, and the store will push the install to your XBox. You left it on, right? 😉

battlefield 1 open beta microsoft xobox



Power up that PS4 and head to the store. Download and go blow stuff up.  At work or away from your console? Add it to your cart from the Battlefield 1 PS Store page. There is even a “Download to your PS4” button so that you can have it downloaded and ready by the time you get home.

battlefield playstation store checkout

Have fun!

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