Gio’s Gaming – Half Dead – More fun dying than two bucks should allow

Half Dead survival puzzle game

Indie games. They often aren’t cutting edge graphics or the most feature rich games. However, many stray from the beaten path and offer something different, many times for a fraction of what a AAA game costs.

So, when we spotted Half Dead for only $1.99 on Steam, we figured that at four bucks total for the two of us, it was worth a try. We were glad we did.

The player finds themselves on the wrong side of a ruling from the Supreme Court of Colony p9174. The infraction has been deemed a “violent crime” and consequently the player only has two options.
1. Capital Punishment by a well-known means 2. Compete on the “Half Dead” show and at least entertain the masses
Obviously any respectable gamer has only one choice!

Such is the backstory for you and your ill-fated companions that dare to enter the deadly proving grounds in a quest for freedom. And so, our story begins…



Weird chainsaw dudes, lunatics, fountains of fire, spiked floors, lava… Half Dead has quite a few ways to make you regret leaping before you look. According to recent patch notes, there are 50 variations of the 30 traps in the game. With both team and competitive options, the multiplayer has enough to keep it fun and challenging for family, friends, and clans.

The reviews on Steam are Mostly Positive so far, and we agree with the general sentiment that the bang for the buck is definitely there for Half Dead.

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