Angels Fall First – a sci-fi FPS that DUST 514 fans need to see

Angels Fall First

Strangely Interactive Ltd has had this underdog on Steam for a while now. Angels Fall First is available on Steam Early Access for under 20 dollars. Check out this trailer to see why that looks like a pretty decent deal:

While it looks and plays a lot like DUST 514 (scifi theme, suit loadouts, land/air combat), it has plenty of features that make it unique. Check this list out:

  • Wide selection of weapons and tools, ground vehicles and spacecraft to fight with.
  • Diverse combat opportunities – assume point to clear a building, hunt with a frigate wolfpack as a lineship captain, issue orders from the bridge of your battleship.
  • Fully operational and pilotable capital ships with playable interiors.
  • Unique combination of spaceship and infantry combat – board spacestations, shipyards and vessels to capture or destroy them from the inside.
  • Dogfighting using space interceptors and bombers, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Gameplay mechanics designed as a mix of modern elements (customization, loadouts, persistence) and inspirations from classic shooters (frantic, fast-paced firefights).
  • Commander mode for issuing orders to your squadmates and teammates.
  • Full AI support – all scenarios can be played both offline and online identically, supporting up to 64 players or bots filling in for the players if required.
  • Rich science fiction universe setting.


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