Vindictus – Delia Arrives with Coronation Packs for (almost) everyone!

Vindictus July Delia Coronation Pack

A new hero, and free stuff… always good things, ya? Yes. From now through July 10th, Vindictus players with at least one Level 20 character on their account can register for a free Coronation Pack. This package, which can only be opened by the new character, Delia, contains powerful jewelry and more to get her campaign started in style.


Delia Coronation Pack includes:
Snowflake L Epaulet (30 Days)
+200 ATT
+200 M.ATT
+1 Balance

Snowflake R Epaulet (30 Days)
+100 ATT
+100 M.ATT
+2 Balance

Snowflake Necklace
+400 ATT
+400 M.ATT
+10 Luck

Snowflake Brooch
+800 DEF

Storage Chest Expansion Ticket
Permanant 48-slot Storage Chest exapnsion

Platinum Tiara
+50 DEF
+2 Critical Resistance

Don’t forget! Register before July 11th and login before July 31st to receive your FREE Delia Coronation Pack. As a matter of fact, head to the registration page now. < — click dat link, yo.

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