Robocraft’s Battle for Earth expansion and Premium code YES!

Rbotcraft Battle for Earth expansion

Robocraft, Freejam’s build-and-battle combat arena, has seen some great updates, and the latest one is BIG – expansion big! Check out the features of the Battle for Earth expansion below, and be sure to scroll all the way down for a code you can redeem for 24 hours of Premium membership.

New in Robotcraft:

  • New Game Mode – Team Deathmatch: With the Battle For Earth expansion, Robocraft’s existing single-spawn Team Deathmatch mode has been renamed ‘Elimination’, and a new mode has been introduced in its place. New Team Deathmatch has a more traditional flavour than its previous incarnation; five versus five match setup, multiple respawns, 10-minute match length and the team with the most kills within the time limit wins. Alternatively, teams can also win by hitting the kill limit for the match. If scores are tied when the time limit is up, the next kill determines the winning team.
  • New Map – Birmingham Power Station: Named after the birthplace of its lead artist, Birmingham Power Station has been designed to give new players a better opportunity to grasp the nuance of combat in Robocraft, while at the same time offering competitive-minded players an ideal theatre to gauge their supremacy over others. This smaller map has no capture points and no distractions –  instead the goal is simply to destroy the other team as efficiently as possible.
  • Platoon Size Increase:  To help accommodate high-level team play in Team Deathmatch, players can form platoon sizes consisting of five players rather than four as before. This allows players to form a complete team for Team Deathmatch before they enter the matchmaking queue, and teams will be matchmade against similarly formed groups whenever possible.
  • New Avatar System: Players can now select from dozens of avatars which appear by players’ names in menus, leaderboards and above their robot in combat. Premium members also have the option to upload their own custom designs.


Robocraft has become one of the most popular of the auto-robo-build-craft-battle-thingy-type games, with over 9 million player accounts and a regular presence in Steam’s Top 50 played games lists.


Oh.. about that code…

Freejam has also released a special promotional code ‘BATTLEFOREARTH‘ which when redeemed in-game grants the owner 24 hours of Premium membership. Have fun!

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