Carmageddon Max Damage – pre-order, July 8th release, and OMG a wheelchair trailer

Carmageddon Max Damage preorder wheelchairs trailer

Release date and pre-order announcement just recently bounced around the net BUT… with an extra special package of their WE DO WHEELCHAIRS video. Ah, yes, the hospital scene from Death Race 2000 is a classic one, and now YOU have the choice to pick taking out the pedestrians or going for the super bonus point action of wildly inappropriate vehicular manslaughter of wheelchair-bound innocents.

But wait… there’s more! Not only more ellipsis… and more! more! more! exclamations… BUT… if you bought Carmageddon: Reincarnation, you get a free copy of Max Damage!


What was that? Not familiar with the DeathRace 2000 scene? Here ya go!

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