SMITE’s “Viking Invasion” makes landfall May 24th

Smite Viking Invasion Patch

A longboat makes its way across the treacherous seas, anxious to make landfall and deliver Patch 3.9 to the server gods of SMITE. /cheese

BETA support for the Mac OS X, new achievements, and skills balancing are part of the package, but wait… there’s more!  A pretty sweet bundle and new questline rewards bring skins, frames, and a reworked Ratatoskr.

Viking Invasion Bundle (900 gems)

  • Einherjar Chaac (Required to unlock Storm Jarl Chaac)
  • Valkalli Kali (Required to unlock Blood Jarl Kali)
  • Access to embark on the Viking Invasion Questline!
  • Viking Stein Ward
  • Viking Altar Pedestal
  • Viking Invasion Loading Frame
  • Ymir Announcer Pack
  • Norse Seafarer Music Theme


Viking Invasion Questline

  • Limited Chaac Storm Jarl and Kali Blood Jarl Skins
  • Bonus Favor Rewards
  • Two Viking Chests
  • These chests will contain a guaranteed Norse God Skin.

NOTE: The Ratatoskr changes are kinda big, so if you did playing the rodent, check out those 3.9 Patch Notes.

Visit the Viking Invasion landing page >>


Oh wait. I just remembered something. SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. Vikings… viking kittens… to the tune of Led Zep’s Immigrant Song. That’s right… some old school Viking Kittens flashness.  <—klik dat.


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