What if… the idea of paid expansion packs only showed up after 2009?

If paid expansions never existed before and only showed up after 2009, would the NA/EU audience have accepted them or rejected them?

The reason I ask is because the main arguments against most RMT are:

  • A player should get all the content for their 15 dollars
  • Existing programmers, artists and other resources are diverted to create the content
  • People who pay extra have an advantage over the people who are just paying their 15 dollars.

We have already seen from most F2P MMOs that regular content updates and expansions can be released for free. Even among the subscription games you have titles like Asheron’s Call with an extensive history of ongoing content updates on almost a monthly basis for about a decade.

We have also seen among the subscription games with titles such as Lineage 2 and EVE Online that expansions can be released for free.


With all that in place, and with the current ardent resistance to additional paid content, if today – or even as far back as 2009, for that matter – an MMO first introduced the idea of a paid expansion, how do you feel it would it be received by modern MMO gamers?

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