So Many BASICs To Choose From

The Pascal options were looking grim, so I went through my boxes of diskettes and CDS to see what I had down the line of BASIC choices. LibertyBASIC, PowerBASIC, MS Visual Basic, DarkBasic, BlitzMax… I had purchased or downloaded each of these at one point or another and they, like many other programs I had purchased on a lark, sat around collecting dust in the dark recesses of the computer room closet. But wait… what’s this? Such wonderful words were written across the top of the DarkBASIC Professional box:

“Write incredible 3D games, applications and presentations with ease”

DarkBASIC Professional

I flipped through the reference manual and peeked at the 3D sections. It seemed like it had everything I needed but, then again, I really am not sure what I’m going to need yet. It was however designed for game programming so that put it leaps and bounds ahead of the others for the task I’m looking to accomplish. Googling ‘DarkBASIC’ I found that the makers were not only still around (I bought this in 2002 or so) but that the program was going strong and still being updated.

After an hour or so, DarkBASIC was installed and updated, ready to aid me on my journey into the wonderful world of 3D game programming. Now, it’s off to the web to digest as much as I can in order to get started creating my FPS.

*starts a fresh pot of coffee for a long night*

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