Game Testing Results: My Cool Map Sucks

Conditions for winning and losing coded.
Map of inside of a computer completed.

With the above done, I went to playtest the game that I had created and found that by removing the walls and replacing them with objects to simulate the inside of a computer, I had effectively changed the game into a set of very large rooms. The player could easily tell they were inside a computer, with readily recognizable CPU, circuit boards and memory cards but the hunt aspect of gameplay was now removed as most of the enemies were now in plain view.

Improving the atmosphere broke gameplay

A few days were spent trying to adjust heights but the look and feel I was going for became more lost with each iteration.

Solution: Scrap the computer idea and go with our enemy manifesting itself inside an environment that is more conducive to having multiple rooms and walled off sections. I decided to go with Server Farm. As a server farm is normally a rather bland room of cream colored and grey boxes, I looked for excuses to add splashes of color here and there and I readily admit that in some areas there is art that looks cool but probably makes no sense whatsoever. :)

The game world gets a new setting.

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