A-a-a-and I spoke too soon.

It’s been a week of interesting hurdles.

Collision - I’ve been hitting walls left and right on this one, literally and figuratively, so I’m going to take a break from it for a while and then revisit it. The I *can* get it working, but frames per second drops to about 10-15. Since it is a very simple game and the shapes aren’t much more than cubes, the most reasonable conclusion is that I’m either trying to check too much or simply doing it wrong.

Music - Trying to find music that fits the theme seems to have proven harder than I thought, although it’s been extremely fun playing around with different types of songs to see how they fit with the game. I asked a couple of friends for their input and most seemed to agree that electronica¬† and ‘dub step’ would be the best fits.

The enemy – a challenging enemy would have required somewhat decent pathing or AI, neither of which I was having much luck at despite several long nights of hammering away at it. I decided instead to go with time as the opponent. The player must zap all the infections before all of the files are corrupted. The file corruption counts down, and the player will lose if all files are corrupted before he zaps all the infections.

Tomorrow I will try to wrestle with collision again. For now, that’s the biggest road block.

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