Note to self: Add Gallery Section

Spent a good 5 or 6 hours together with my Wife, creating artwork for walls and floors. We went from a computer theme to Egyptian to contemporary office and back to the original computer idea. All together we created about 40 or 50 textures, with only about 5 of them actually going into the game… for now. ;)  Later this week, I’ll probably put the art up as free textures for whoever wants them, Until then, here are a few images from the weekend.

This is your enemy! The nefarious Ghostball virus has returned and is eating your files. Blast him before all your data is gone!

Virus Zapper 2010 - a specialized PDA for people who travel inside computers to manually blast viruses. Exactly.

The walls we created that we thought looked cool but matched absolutely none of the other artwork whatsoever.

Screenshot of one of the themes we put together in the process of coming up with a theme or environment for the game. (Click to enlarge)

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